Fire Clean Up & Restoration

What is consumed in a fire becomes very critical in recovering from fire and smoke damage. It helps determine the degree of heat that might have been present, what is in the soot and what types of particulates will be in the air. All these factors have to be understood in order to create the right recovery plan.

How did the fire start? How was it put out? When burned, many items create new chemical compounds; some of them can be highly acidic or corrosive. The soot, smoke and particulates caused by the fire will migrate too many places based on factors like pressure, temperature and electro-static attraction.
Property owners need an expert on-site that knows the intricacies of this highly technical work. BEST CLEANUP has the expertise to properly scope, design and manages work plans with you. We know when to bring in outside expertise and how to monitor the job. We know how to protect the workers, the building and the future re-occupants. We are concerned about your health and safety and about getting you back home on to your business as quickly as possible so you can go back to what is important to you.

Knowing what to clean, how to clean it and when to clean it before it causes more damage needs expert design and work execution oversight. This is what BEST CLEANUP does from start to completion. 

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